Saturday, 12 November 2011

First Random Memorandum

‘A sense of humor is the ability to understand a joke - and that the joke is oneself’ well this was precisely the line that I can recollect from my omni-fresh memories that a Philosopher named Clifton Faudiman had written in one of the weekly magazines I read on my way back from a trip that I had gone for a fortnight ago ,which as an occurrence of a nostalgic human mood swing which re surfaced my mind. Thinking random is the best form of thinking is what I have always been a firm believer of and to live up to being a man of my words I started thinking random and eventually in due course of time started writing random and when I recollected this fanatic quote that I had read, I immediately knew what was my next topic that I would be penning down would be, it was humor that I was going to write about. Being humorous is one of the toughest thing one could do and  even the most serious thing if we went according to Winston Churchill who said that joking is the most serious thing one could do.  But on the other hand when talking practically as a teenager who has not seen the world compared to many people that one knows at the age the only thing that one truly connects with is a person who can make him or her laugh and smile at all points of time because at the age when nothing other than relishing the true sweetness of youth matters the moments of hearty laughter are all that remain as good memories only to be thought about a score years hence and smiled at  Spreading smiles is the best talent that one can posses and yearn to inculcate but at the same time it is one of the worlds hardest endeavors to achieve because a comedian does funny things but a good comedian does things funny. So keep smiling and making people smile till u remember this article and smile at it for giving you a smiley message and for me ill yet be thinking random.
-      Deep Chhabria.